Thursday, April 14, 2016

#thepete #podcast: #Hillary v #Bernie v #Donald what the heck is going on?!? #politics from #thepetepodcast!

In this week's #thepete #podcast, I explore the moral weirdness of the #POTUS race that sees a #Bernie v #Donald v Hillary showdown in the #NYPrimary as a left v right v center debate. So much to go into! Listen and comment! Thanks!  Sorry this is a day late this week.  Family in town.

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Yep, this one went long again--so swing by and pledge a buck (or more) to hear the rest.  It's a full 30 minutes again.  What do ya want?  I've got a lot to say!

Why listen to the full 30-minute episode of #thepete #podcast?

Simple--because you get to hear more details on why voting for Hillary is a bad idea.  It's an involved but pretty simple thing, to be honest.  Listen to find out how and why.

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